Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Everything Starts Somewhere

1 year, 5 months and 10 days ago, at the age of 59 years, I moved to another planet known globally as southeastern Ohio.  I now live along the Ohio River which might sound romantic and adventurous but isn't.  This wasn't a completely voluntary move.  My parents, horrible planners for their old age, sent out an SOS so I rose from my cushy, over sized chair to rescue what was left of their lives and their sinking ship.  The ship, an ancient double wide located on a couple of sloping acres of oak trees and skunk weed, greeted me (much like my parents did) with a moan. The over sized chair I sighed out of 17 months and 10 days ago, was located on the east wall of a living room in Norman, Oklahoma.

A decision made.  A path taken.  The consequences of action have made their mark.  I have never felt so isolated.


  1. Anonymous8/17/2010

    This could be the start of an excellent blog. :)

  2. Anonymous8/20/2010

    Enjoy your writing style. I'm in a midlife thing too.

  3. Such a good beginning, if only Norman was there to read it?
    A pastoral thought in transition.